BanRX is a project set up Shay#5787 where you can mine with the RandomX algorithm and get paid in Banano straight to your wallet address every 4 hours from this wallet!

To start mining, you need to download a mining software that supports the RandomX algorithm. I'd strongly recommend downloading XMRig due to it's user friendliness and variety of documentation.

To start mining, open CMD in XMRig's extracted files directory and run:
xmrig.exe -o -u YOUR_BAN_ADDRESS
If your address is invalid, you will essentially be donating your hashpower to the pool.

Pool stats

1m Hashrate 10m Hashrate 1h Hashrate 12h Hashrate 24h Hashrate
0.00 H/s 13.32 kH/s 18.71 kH/s 20.19 kH/s 20.55 kH/s

14174.36 BAN has been paid to miners.

Check your live stats by entering your address below:

Please report any bugs/suggestions to me on Reddit (u/0xShay) or Discord (Shay#5787)

Feel free to join the BananoPlanet Discord server for any further support: